Advice on writing: persist and be constant.

The major problem of writers nowadays is not the access to computer or writing machines, but the lack of writing and being persistent and constant with that task. Sometimes (and I include myself) writers tend to wonder and ponder what to do. Thinking and dreaming doesn’t make a book, sadly.

So, be constant: write every day. If it’s a bad day, then wait for the next one. And the days you feel better, write more! But the problem might be not being published. My only advice is: persist. Write, rewrite, publish, tweet, post in your blog. I’m one of you, actually. I have three failed novels. The most successful sold 100 online copies, with a bunch of free and Kindle Unlimited ones. So, don’t give up!


Advice on writing: Write what you like

In my personal experience, I’ve written several erotic/romance short stories. I didn’t enjoy writing them. I hated it, because it wasn’t what I wanted. The only time I was interested, was when the plot wasn’t filled with cliches, when the characters had a personal voice. Then, I decided to quit my “job” writing erotica. The funny thing is, I’ve earned around 50 euros doing a lot of work.

Now I write what I like, what I love, and that has made all the difference. Now I’m interested, engaged, motivated. So, my advice is: write what you like. Of course there’s the classical “write what you know” but if you don’t love what you write, first of all, you won’t enjoy life (which is, at least for me, the meaning of life) and second, you won’t produce anything worthy.