New poetry book, poem 15



declare yourself a human
don’t tie yourself
to anything ending in ism
because you’re not just a woman
made of flesh
and makeup

declare yourself a human
don’t tie yourself
to a brand or trend
because this fight is endless
it began so long ago
and it’ll will last centuries


declare yourself a human
don’t tie yourself
to a side or group
because we are here to fight
side by side, humans together
striving for a better world

because it’s not about
the skin or the sex
the religion or ideology
it’s the pain that comes
when you possess a heart
in a heartless worl


New poetry book, poem 4


you can’t fix hearts
throw them away
and buy a new one
don’t fret over lost loves
because loving is easy
but being alone
is hard
no lights guide you
to lonely shore
when nobody walks these streets
you still have your shadow
and, even then
you disguise yourself
with bought hearts and souls
like life was meant to be
a play where you are just
another human
on his way to the graveyard

Advice on writing: Write what you like

In my personal experience, I’ve written several erotic/romance short stories. I didn’t enjoy writing them. I hated it, because it wasn’t what I wanted. The only time I was interested, was when the plot wasn’t filled with cliches, when the characters had a personal voice. Then, I decided to quit my “job” writing erotica. The funny thing is, I’ve earned around 50 euros doing a lot of work.

Now I write what I like, what I love, and that has made all the difference. Now I’m interested, engaged, motivated. So, my advice is: write what you like. Of course there’s the classical “write what you know” but if you don’t love what you write, first of all, you won’t enjoy life (which is, at least for me, the meaning of life) and second, you won’t produce anything worthy.


New poetry book, Poem 14

you never knew
(you never knew)
how to love, or how
to be loved

you never had a chance
to find happiness
in the hands of another
(only pain)

[do you love me?]
screams in silence
your soul empty of strength
to ask those four words

by absence or by presence
they hurt you
and now you don’t know
which garden you should walk

get up when they bring you down
only you can love yourself
the best kind of love
and the only one you can share

Poema recitado, 1

Aquí tenéis el poema recitado vía Ivoox.

pareces estar al otro lado del mar
yo persigo soles y tú bailas lunas
visto piel de árbol en tu vida de bosque
soy colina cubierta de hierba triste
tú eres castillo que atardeceres viste
como vestidos de gala, para fiestas
que nunca me invitaron
y en las que tu te saliste
porque tener al lado un alma afin
es más importante
que todo festín o celebración
porque una vez, llorando te dije
que mi corazón no palpita
pues tu eras única razon
para seguir con vida
tu me dijistes adiós
y yo nunca me despedi
porque, en otro vida,
yo sería árbol y tú tierra
yo sería aire y tú viento
yo seria tuyo y tú
serías mia